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Winter and Spring Activities
Why not have a winter or spring vacation at the seaside? We offer lots of opportunities for you to spend these months to the fullest.
At an exclusive spot where you can watch the dance of the sun, the rain and the wind while tasting delicious food and enjoying your mulled wine.

Fishing, Hiking, Bike Tours

Our location offers an ideal route for those who wish to experience fishing or participate in a bike tour,
and it is a major center for hikers with its special fauna and flora. A hike to the Ancient City of Teos
which is only 1,5 km away, will be a historical travel in nature, and a great spot for capturing
the past, present and your dreams with your camera.


Our first tip for you is to become a fellow resident of Sığacık by taking an early morning walk
at the hotel’s 1600-meter walking trail. Following breakfast, you can organize
your day according to any activity level you prefer.  The choice is yours.
It is a real miracle to go to faraway places and come back completely renewed...
Discover new places, and save many unforgettable memories...


The greatest therapy for those who have got tired of urban life is touching the soil and tending a garden.
You can release tension in a way that is nutritious for both your physical and mental health...