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Breakfast must have something to do with happiness
How special can a breakfast get? Or what would make a breakfast special? Wonder what is included in Maya Bistro Hotel Beach’s breakfast? Fresh vegetables grown in Sığacık, one of the most well-preserved natural places in Turkey, local recipes, and sherbets made as if they were touched by a mother’s hand. Fresh organic free-range eggs and excellent sourdough bread baked in the stone oven are also included.

You will not get enough of the fresh herbs of the Aegean, a variety of cheese meticulously chosen
from local delicatessens, delicious jams made from seasonal fruit and fragrant tomatoes and
olives at our breakfast in Maya prepared by products meticulously chosen from the local
producers of Seferihisar accompanied by the excellent sea view. Our daily fresh eggs
will be the highlight of your table and the taste of our famous sourdough bread
from the stone oven will linger in your mouth for a long time.

But none of them are the reasons that make breakfast at Maya Bistro Hotel Beach so special. 
Maya BHB gets into the sea with you for breakfast.  The seagulls, the sun and the winds
of the Aegean Sea escort you at your breakfast table. The Aegean breeze accompanies
you while you are sipping your tea.

As the poet Cemal Süreya said, “Breakfast must have something to do with happiness.”
Yes, it does! Because happiness brews in Maya.